At Elite Rehab we use Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) which is the most comprehensive treatment for lymphedema. CDT includes:

Manual Lymph drainage (MLD): A hands-on technique to stimulate lymph nodes and their pathways to allow effortless flow of lymph fluid back to venous circulation, allowing the limb to return normal or near normal size. This technique will be used on every visit, and take 30-45 minutes to complete.

Compression: Compressive bandages or garments are applied to the affected limb following each MLD session and are worn continually until the next MLD session.  This compression prevents the affected limb from refilling with lymph that has been removed. These bandages help maintain a constant compression that does not contract or expand with muscle contraction.

Patient Education, Treatment and Remedial Exercise 

Patients will be educated on nail and skin care to minimize the opportunity for the development of localized or general infection.

Every patient is instructed on a home exercise program, to be performed with bandages in place, to activate the muscle joint pump of the swollen limb. This results in increased lymph flow, and with time, the dilation of the lymph vessels.

Patients will be assisted with obtaining the appropriate compression garments and equipment to maintain limb size, and will follow up with their CLT after the intensive phase of treatment at scheduled intervals.