Custom Orthotic Services

Custom orthotics help improve biomechanical deficits and reduce overuse injuries.  Minimizing these deficits will also improve your power and efficiency during activity.  Orthotics are semi-rigid shoe inserts custom molded to your foot. They stabilize the foot to provide a more solid base for you to move upon. Elite Performance offers custom casting and manufacturing to meet your needs.

Custom orthotics are developed after a thorough physical evaluation and gait analysis. A plaster cast is taken of your feet in a non-weight bearing neutral position. Your casts are then sent to an off-site laboratory (Biomechanical Services) for fabrication. Typically within three weeks, your custom orthotics will be delivered to Elite and you will be fitted by your physical therapist.

We also offer orthotic re-covering services. Please contact our office at (805) 681-9108 for more information or to schedule an appointment.