Endurance & Multisport Coaching

Mike Swan offers a variety of coaching services for endurance athletes through his Santa Barbara Running & Racing program. Mike has coached several athletes to compete in the national and world championships events in running, cycling, and multisport events including the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

From the start, Mike will help you devise a plan that is realistic and appropriate according to your fitness schedule and goals. Each week you will receive a training schedule that is specifically tailored toward your goal.

Whether it is your first 10k, the Boston Marathon, or an Ironman event, Mike will be there to act as a sounding board providing positive and constructive feedback. ┬áThe program’s goal is to improve your fitness, assist in your personal goals, and to educate you on proper training thus minimizing burnout, injury, and lackluster performance.

Please call our office for Mike’s contact information, (805) 681-9108.

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