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VISION: Located in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Montecito, Elite Performance and Rehabilitation was originally opened in Goleta in September 2002. The idea was to build a state of the art physical therapy clinic which combined other disciplines of health and wellness creating the only facility like it in the region.

Elite Rehab's Main RoomPHILOSOPHY: We believe in low volume scheduling which allows for maximal hands-on time with our patients and results in the highest quality of care. Elite Performance also believes in supporting our community through local activism in the high school, club, and college athletic programs by providing a Certified Athletic Trainer and licensed physical therapists during practice and game schedules.  We strive to maintain strong community relations by working hard and developing trust with physicians, parents, and athletes.

LOCATION: We have 4 locations in the area:

  • 5152 Hollister Avenue (in the Magnolia Shopping Center), Goleta
  • 1253 Coast Village Road, Suite 104 (downstairs and behind Jeannine's), Montecito
  • 110 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara
  • 170 Los Carneros Way, (inside Goleta Valley Athletic Club) Goleta

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